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The average windows typically last 15-20 years before facing issues with seal failure and wear. If it's time to upgrade your windows, A Clarke Construction can help with installation of high-quality windows, offering durability and performance that aligns with your home and budget. With options for both new construction and replacement windows, we offer flexible options to meet your needs and budget.


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Outstanding job! They took extra steps to make sure things turned out as planned. David and Adam helped me choose windows that kept the character of the house. The installation team did a great job.

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Superior Comfort and Efficiency

New Windows Vs. Replacement Windows

New Construction Windows

Perfect for Homes of Any Age

New construction windows are ideal for both new builds and older homes. The process involves completely removing the old frame, sash, and windows, to achieve a contoured fit. New construction windows provide improved insulation, and a more visually appealing result. We have installed new construction windows in several historical properties, including a 200-year-old home to create a refreshed aesthetic with secure and efficient windows.

Key Benefits

  • Generally new widows are higher quality and provide you with more comfort
  • New construction windows allow us to better inspect the window opening giving a more improved fit overall.
  • By utilizing a single outer frame instead of nesting within an existing one, you get a wider viewing area with an additional inch of glass all around. This is especially noticeable with smaller windows, where space preservation is crucial.
  • New windows eliminate the need to depend on the installation methods of previous ones, allowing us to enhance the insulation of your home.


You can select from renowned brands like Marvin, Andersen, and Pella, or choose any other specific brand to seamlessly match your existing windows and complement your home's style.

Replacement Windows

Revitalize Your Windows

Replacement windows are a cost-effective option to refresh outdated windows. The process is less invasive and quicker than other options, causing minimal disruption to your daily life. With installation completed in just a few days, upgrading your windows has never been easier.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective option for upgrading windows without extensive construction work.
  • Less invasive process compared to new construction window installations.
  • Quick turnaround time allows for installation in the entire house within a few days.

Installation Process

  • We fit replacement windows fit snugly within the existing window frame, preserving the interior and exterior trim and frame.
  • The old sashes are removed as we install the new window, maintaining the integrity of your home's architecture.
  • For older homes with uninsulated weights inside the frame, we address insulation concerns by drilling out the old frame and applying spray foam.


Choose from leading brands such as Marvin, Andersen, and Pella for your replacement windows. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to use specific brands to match existing windows in your house, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look throughout your home.

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